Why is spray foam the way to go?

Reduce energy costs with R-Tech closed cell spray foam insulation

Insulation is more important to reduce heating and air conditioning costs than you may think. The United States Department of Energy has stated that up to 40% of heating and cooling costs are due to uncontrolled air leakage, in fact. Our closed cell spray foam insulation reduces energy consumption by up to 50% with the highest R-Value per inch, preventing air infiltration and improving indoor air quality.

Control mold growth with R-Tech’s closed cell  spray foam insulation

Our closed cell spray foam prevents moisture infiltration and is specially formulated for excellent adhesion and extreme cold substrates with no pullbacks, shrinkage or cracking. It is not a food source for mold and eliminates warm temperatures, as well as air movement within the wall cavity to reduce potential moisture. That’s why our insulation is better at controlling mold than the products of our competitors.

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